Wednesday, September 10, 2014

First GreenPod on Bainbridge

First Greenpod modular moved to Bainbridge mobile home park today Sept 10, 2014. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sustainable Building, County Library July 23

Wednesday, July 23, 2-3:30 pm
Science Café:  Sustainable Building & Living
Jefferson County Library

Join us at the library for another great Science Café. This program will be delivered by Ann Raab from GreenPod Intelligent Environments and she will discuss Sustainable Building, Sustainable Lifestyles, and Preparing for the Future.

Raab is the visionary creator of Olympic Design Group, Inc.Rainshadow Green Design and GreenPodTM Development. Adults and teens welcome at this free event. Refreshments provided by the Friends of the Jefferson County Library.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

GreenPod at 2014 Port Townsend Home and Garden EXPO

GreenPod invites you
to visit our booths at
Home & Garden Expo
Port Townsend 
Saturday, March 1st
9:00am - 5:00pm
at Mt. View Commons
1925 Blaine St, Port Townsend, WA

The 2014 Home & Garden Expo is a free event with multiple garden displays, energy saving presentations and new home technologies. The Expo will also host several informative booths and garden structures. 

GreenPod Booths present new creations of:

Doug Davis - Ecoloblue Atmospheric Water Generators

Barry Truscott - Plant walls and, green roofs and elf homes

Orlanda Tellemante - Home energy audits & Blower door demonstrations

Tom Burk - Greenhouses made of 100% recycled wood & windows

Hank Walker - Elf and Copenhagen Wheel

Jim Beebe - Ducoterra

Laura Tucker - Worm bins and composting

Greenpod - Customized Simple Box storage containers

EcoloBlue Sales Manager, Doug Davis, will be a presenter at the 2014 Home and Garden Expo. Be sure to come out and see him at 10am or again at 4pm. He will be there all day to answer any of your questions about the EcoloBlue Atmospheric Water Generators.

    Event Sponsors: First Federal Savings and Loan
Jefferson County Homes Builders Association

                Contact: Lizanne Coker, 360-821-9688,

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Senergy Station in Port Townsend

Senergy Station is Port Townsend's latest manifestation of folks working together in a symbiosis for the greater good of individuals and the environment in which they live. Translated into English, a gas station morphed into a showcase for learning and commerce.

The transformation of the former Texaco station on Sims Way into a synergy/energy showcase is orchestrated by two of the "Dream City's" dreamers, Ann Raab, founder of GreenPod Development, builder of downsized, eco-friendly homes, and Jacob Talamante, inspiration behind Labor Leaders Northwest, an organization to train and employ youth in environmentally significant jobs.

Greenpod office in background. Factory built home in foreground

GreenPod leases Senergy Station's office in order to display educational materials about GreenPod homes, which surround the station as show models for environmental education and sales to downsizers. Jacob leases the garage for space to teach youth skills from potting plants to repairing lawnmowers. Jacob's team of eager learners can be contracted for a wide range of jobs from Port Townsend to Port Angeles. They repair buildings, rototill gardens, build planters and clean up messes. For more information visit or phone 360-774-0469.

Top L. Students Tony Chung, Scott L'heureux and Alex Apodaca landscape with leader Jacob Talamante. Top R. Dylan Baca in training shop. Lower L. Jacob Talamante, Scott L'heureux and Alex Apodaca. Lower R. Lizanne Coker, Director, Jefferson County Home Builders Association.

Senergy Station is all about people and energy.

Alex Apodaca, Tony Chung, Scott L'heureux and Dylan Baca are avid learners and enthusiastic workers at Labor Leaders NW. They assembled a new EZ Logs building on the site in less than one day.

At any given moment a powerhouse of the industry can show up at the station. At a recent weekend work party Ron Blair, owner of a global building company, Suzanne DeVall, owner of a global, organic fabrics company, local builders and artisans joined Ann Raab and Jacob Talamante for coffee and donuts at the station.

Ron Blair, owner of EZ Logs USA and EZ Logs Earth, along with Colleen Sandberg, marketing director of EZ Logs USA, visited the Port Townsend site to instruct crews on how to assemble EZ Logs buildings and to offer sales pointers to the marketing team.

Suzanne DeVall, Ploughboy, Ron Blain, EZ Logs and Ann Raab, GreenPod

Suzanne DeVall demonstrated the latest advances in her company's efforts to produce organic dyes from waste tobacco plants for low energy impact fabrics for use by environmentally conscious home builders such as Port Townsend's GreenPod. DeVall's organic Ploughboy fabrics are used in home interior textiles, including home goods, bedding, bath towels, shower curtains and upholstery.

Also on hand to support the opening of Senergy Station were leaders in the local building industry. Lizanne Coker, director of the Jefferson County Home Builders Association, and Kevin Coker, architectural designer, contributed their time and expertise to launching the new enterprise.

Ann Raab and Scott Talamante are interviewing artisans with complimentary products to rent space at Senergy Station.

Visitors are always welcome at Senergy Station, where synergy and energy sync.

For more information call GreenPod at 800-569-0831 and visit GreenPod. Call Labor Leaders NW at 360-774-0469 and visit Labor Leaders NW.

Read article in Peninsula Daily News.

Senergy Station
1531 W Sims Way
Port Townsend, WA

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

GreenPod assists "Aging In Place"

Article About Ann Raab and GreenPod in The Leader

Click on article to read
Click on article to read

Credit for article: Port Townsend Jefferson County Leader, Homes and Garden,
Spring 2013, pp 1-12, Port Townsend, WA 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

GreenPod at Green Festival in San Francisco

GreenPod is at 
Green Festival
 In San Francisco, Nov 9-10 (Sat and Sun)
Booth #926
At San Francisco Concorse Exhibition Center
635 Brannon Street

 GreenPod is looking for strategic partners:
Interior Designers
Innovative Products

Come and visit GreenPod's booth to see:
Art We Live In
Visit GreenPod Development website

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Senergy Station Learning Center

Senergy Station in Port Townsend is a hybrid learning center, art expo and research institute for green technology. Students and mentors are developing hands-on demonstrations for the public to learn about environmentally significant improvements in home building techniques, health in the home, functional art, and harvesting plants for profit. These are a few of the exhibitions, which were on display over the weekend at the station’s location at 1531 W. Sims Way in Port Townsend.

What do you know about lighting the rooms of your home? Flip the switch on or off, right? Ken Kelly, owner of Vintage Hardware and Lighting in Port Townsend, turned on the light in the heads of many participants with his enlightening display of lighting technology. Ken, who designed the lighting for Union Station in Chicago, compared CFL’s to LED’s and showed why induction bulbs are the greenest in the world. Consideration of energy efficiency, cost, safety and health go into Ken’s designs for lighting the environmentally desirable home.
Ken Kelly, owner of Vintage Hardware and Lighting in Port Townsend, demonstrates alternative fixtures to Mike Kenna, owner of The Printery.

Local artists lit up the event with their creations. Art was featured in the decor of a GreenPod home, designed and built in Port Townsend, with environmentally appropriate technologies. Feather in the Night by Diane Roberts graced the interior design of the GreenPod’s bedroom. The dichroic, fused glass with metallic center, fired in the artisan’s Port Townsend kiln, reflected a blue green glow. Liz Reutlinger’s large, green and yellow oil painting of bulging pea pods and oversized peas welcomed visitors into the living room of Greenpod’s Water Haus model. View Liz’s art at Northwinds Showcase gallery in Port Townsend. Steve Lopes, blacksmith, displayed stunning works of metal art anyone would be proud to treasure in their art collection. 
Diane Roberts                                      Steve Lopes

Catherine Kane                                Liz Reutlinger

Catherine Kane’s porcelain art, shaped as delicate lampshades, sparked a soft, white glow to GreenPod’s model home. A talented artist, Catherine is also a healer, dedicated to educating people to the dangers of EMF waves from electric circuits and electronic equipment in their homes, and especially to the potential health damage from RF waves given off by public utility, self-reading, electrical meters. Catherine shared some of her healing remedies for entraining energy with the human body.

Dean Redwine shows Angelique new Ford C-MAX hybrid

How about taking a spin in a Ford hybrid car? Price Ford of Port Angeles showed off a Ford C-MAX at the Senergy EXPO. Dean Redwine, Jefferson County rep for Price, educated listeners on the benefits of the gas/electric combination. The biggest awes were elicited from his claim of the C-MAX’s fuel efficient rating of 47mph for combined miles. Dean would like to see folks park an environmentally friendly Ford next to their ecologically correct home.

Bob Larson Bob's Bagels           Robert Horner & Silas Holms

Bagels and beer joined the event. Participants and visitors to Senergy Station enjoyed eating vegetarian, pecan sausage bagels provided by Bob Larson, owner of Bob’s Bagels in Port Townsend. In addition to catering Senergy Station events, Bob’s bagels are sold at the Co-op, Blue Moose and local coffee shops, in addition to being sold at local farmer markets. Refreshing Propolis beer tempted the tastes of event-goers. The popular Port Townsend brewery ferments 24 different beers, bottling two, seasonal herbal selections a month, including the two sample made from nettles and raspberry tasted at the event.

Other mentors at the event were Vance Raab, who describes himself as “Greeter,” and Mike Kenna, owner of The Printery, with his wife Pat. Mike spoke about the importance of an ecologically correct attitude among business owners. He described ways in which any business person can incorporate environmentally sound practices into commercial enterprises. The Printery is the recipient of many environmental awards for its applications in the printing process.

The two business associates who make Senergy Station possible, Ann Raab and Jacob Talamante were on hand to lead discussions. Ann Raab is the owner of GreenPod Development Company of Port Townsend and Jacob Talamante is the the owner of Labor Leaders NW.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Monday, May 13, 2013

Call for Artists

Call For Artists to Show Art Work
At Grand Opening of New Showrooms
In Senergy Station
1531 W Sims Way
Port Townsend

Saturday, June 1st

Are you an artist looking to showcase your local, sustainable art pieces for home, garden and alternative lifestyles? Show your work in the new showrooms opening on Saturday, June 1st.

Call to reserve space with GreenPod and associates at Senergy Station in Port Townsend call 360 301 9686.

All local business are invited to join the synergy with displays, demonstrations and events at Senergy Station, 1531 W. Sims Way, Port Townsend.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Work Party on Saturday April 27

Saturday, April 27 from10 AM - 4 PM
Celebrate Our New Location at Houston Motors
1531 W Sims Way in Port Townsend
Demonstrations, Food, and Fun.  

Join the Fun!!!!
Come and Help Cultivate our New Location 
to Grow Green PinePod Homes in Port Townsend

PinePods Coming to Port Townsend
PinePod Cabin                                         PinePod Utility

PinePod Interior                                            PinePod Garage

Saturday, April 6, 2013

GreenPod's New Location In Port Townsend

GreenPod at 1531 W Sims Way in Port Townsend
Welcome to GreenPod's new location in Port Townsend at 1531 W Sims Way. The high visibility business on Highway 20 will be a showroom and sales office for a new line of environmentally sustainable, compact living units, promoted as PinePods, with a sales price starting at $4,000. 

MAP to new location in Port Townsend.


PinePod Cabin                                         PinePod Utility

PinePod Interior                                            PinePod Garage